Where Are The Nordic Ski Patrols And How Do I Join?

 To date, we have received only a Central and Northern Division lists of Nordic Patrols. As more information becomes available, we will add to this page:


Nordic Patrols in the Central Division

Ohio Region

Buckeye Nordic
Cuyahoga Nordic
Ohio Nordics

Eastern Michigan Region

Independence Oaks Nordic
Pine Haven Nordic

Western Michigan Region

West Michigan Nordics
Crystal Mountain

Northern Michigan Region

Hanson Hills Ski Patrol
Otsego Ski Club
Northern Michigan Nordic

North Central Region

Mount Ripley
Nine Mile Forest
Standing Rocks
Winter Park


Nordic Patrols in the Central Division (cont.)

South Central Region

Langlauf Nordic
The Springs Nordic
Madison Area Nordic
Tyrol Basin
Fort McCoy

Southern Region

Des Plaines River
Norge Ski Patrol
Nomads Nordic
Indigan Villa Olivia Nordic
Glacial Park

Western Region

Giants Ridge
Telemark Ski Patrol
Wild River Nordic
Viking Nordic
Hiawatha Nordic



Nordic Patrols in the Northern Division

Flathead Nordic Ski Patrol

Bitteroot Nordic Patrol

Backcountry Nordic Patrol

Alice Creek Patrol

Casper Mountain Alpine Patrol (strong Nordic section)

For more information on any Patrol listed here, call one of the phone numbers listed on the National Ski Patrol Home Page.


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