The 2001 Meloche Family Reunion

Held on August 4, 2001, our first Grand Family reunion was a great success. It brought together over 300 family members in Detroit/Windsor, the city of Pierre Meloche, the first Meloche born in North America.

Meloches who attended seemed to have had a very good time. Judge for yourself as you look at a few pictures from this event.

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Entrance to the 2001 Meloche family reunion.

registration2.jpg (78556 bytes)

It took quite a while to register all the attendees.

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Some Meloches brought all their family information with them.

dinner.jpg (76036 bytes)

The staff of the Ciociarro Club prepared a wonderful meal.

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Meloche Music of the Detroit River Region was performed by recording artist Marcel Bénéteau.

book.jpg (52080 bytes)

Jim Meloche introduces "The Meloche Legacy", the new Meloche family book.

generations.jpg (73101 bytes)

Meloches from all generations were well represented.

fleurette.jpg (62391 bytes)

Fleurette Meloche Maheux and her husband Rolland came all the way from Dorion, Quebec.

Meloches came from as far away as British Columbia.


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