What Is Nordic Ski Patrol?

Jeff Schmidt, Nordic Advisor, Central Division, National Ski Patrol

Adapted for this site by Jim Meloche

Founded in 1938 by "Minnie" Dole, the National Ski Patrol System (NSPS) has developed at the same rapid pace as the ski industry in America. Today, Nordic patrols are an integral part of the 25,000 member NSPS serving the skiing public.

Our objective is to provide ski areas and organized tours with trained volunteers capable of performing services to help make these facilities and tours safer and more enjoyable for skiers. NSPS patrollers provide their services with skill, diplomacy and unselfish dedication.

Can You Qualify?

To become a Nordic Patroller with the NSPS you must:

Patrol Training

Many men and women have joined the NSPS to take advantage of the high level of training available to patrollers. Nationally standardized training programs have been specifically developed for the NSPS by field experts and are taught by certified instructors. Some of the training is required, while other programs are elective and serve to move the student through various levels of skill.

Minimum training requirements:

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