Nordic Ski Patrol

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Our ubiquitous Alpine (downhill) Ski Patrol brethren sometimes call it "Nerdic" Ski Patrol. But I fail to see how sitting on a lift, then letting gravity do all the work, qualifies our critics as "macho". They ride up, we ski up. They ski down, we ski down. We both promote ski safety.


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What Is Nordic Ski Patrol And Why Should I Care?
Unlike the Alpine Ski Patrollers you see at downhill ski areas, Nordic Ski Patrollers utilize cross country skiing equipment and patrol trails in National Forests, State Parks, County Parks and at private ski touring areas across the USA and Canada.
What Is National Ski Patrol?
Over 25,000 members, mostly volunteers, nationwide.
Where Are The Nordic Ski Patrols And How Do I Join
Find a cross country Ski Patrol near you. Who to call to learn more.
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National Ski Patrol Home Page
More, perhaps, than you'll ever need to know about this organization which is as old as recreational skiing itself. 
The Patrol Pages
This page is full of links to ski patrols and even includes links to mountain bike and in-line skate patrols.
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