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Student Showcase at Augusta Heritage Center. Accordion players, from left: Dave Dutzik, Julie Winterbottom, Catherine Fleishman, Florette Orleans (behind fiddler), Jim Meloche, Joe Inemer, Fred Lyon, Melva Stringer, Brett Cobler (behind Melva).

At the dance after the Student Showcase, everyone autographed the LES JEUNES d' EDDIE banner and we gave it to Eddie LeJeune. He liked it so much he said he'd hang it in his living room.

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Eddie was so proud of us. For our entire performance, he hunkered down at the side of the stage to give us encouragement. Any other instructor might have strutted proudly back and forth, taking credit for what everyone was hearing. But not Eddie. He said this was OUR show, and that we were the centers of attention, not him. Eddie was like that...a very humble man.