Announcing an 880-page book of Meloche family links and other genealogical information. Includes almost 20,000 ancestors and descendants of François Meloche, who came to Montréal from France in 1696.

Are you in the book?

Discover how you are related to the rest of the Meloches.

Trace your family history - in most cases, back to the Sixteenth Century!

Read the story of the Meloche family from its beginnings in a small village in western France to all the continents of the world.

Learn about significant factors affecting the lives of the Meloches through the ages: wars & rebellions, plagues & epidemics, and so on.

See photos of Meloches dating back to the 1800s.

Explore maps and illustrations demonstrating Meloche migration patterns and geography.

covr copy.jpg (62031 bytes) This is a keepsake - a family heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation.
  • 8 1/2" x 11" x 1 1/2" thick,
  • 880 pages, soft cover,
  • Almost 100 photographs,
  • Over 60 illustrations,
  • Sources of information fully cited in endnotes,
  • 3 Bibliographies to assist in further research,
  • Genealogical helps and guidelines for researchers,
  • and much more!

Also includes data for many related families...

Renaud, Dufour, Parent, Legault, Aubin, Drouillard, Trottier, Bondy, Martin, Gagnon, Brunet, Beneteau, Laframboise, Desjardins, Rousseau, Gignac, Pilon, Charbonneau, Girard, Langlois, Paré, Gauthier, Dion(ne), Paquette, Tremblay/Trombley, Demers, Janis/Janisse, LaLonde, Theoret, Chauvin, Ouellette, Roy, Bergeron, Grondin, Poirier, Cardinal, Ouimet, Proulx, Bertrand, Fortier, Seguin, Tousignant, Beaudoin, Coté, DuCharme, Dupuis, Leduc, LeFebvre, Therrien, Daoust, Ethier, Pouget, Reaume, Lucier, and many more!

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Nowhere in the world is there a more complete story of the Meloches.

A French-language version is available on CD-ROM.

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