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Almost everybody named "Meloche" has wondered, at one time or another, where in the world that name came from. No one can pronounce it correctly. Even fewer know how to spell it right. So, here is a site for Meloches and everyone who's ever wondered what it was like to be a "Meloche".

Actually, this is also a site for those named "Malosh", "Melosh", "Menoche", "Meloshe" and "Molash" ... plus a few named "Miller", "Jolicoeur" and "Livernois" ... all verified Meloche derivatives.


Current Projects

Meloche Research
Many years of research have turned up a number of interesting things about people named "Meloche."
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The Meloche Legacy - The history of the Meloche family.
La famille Meloche - en français
This new book chronicles, for the first time anywhere, the uninterrupted lineage of Meloches ... from an as-yet-unnamed Meloche living in the sixteenth century ... until the present. Oldest records available are for circa 1575 A.D., and the descendants of this early Meloche number in the twenty-thousands. You and your family are probably in this book! Eight hundred eighty (880) pages. Lots of maps, pictures and valuable Meloche family information.

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Family Reunion in 2001
Meloches from all over North America met at Detroit/Windsor in August of 2001. They celebrated the 300th anniversary of the birth of Pierre, the first Meloche born in the New World. Pierre was the first child of Marie Mouflet and François Meloche of Lachine.
A second Reunion is planned for Montréal in 2006, and will celebrate the publication, in French, of the Meloche family book. 
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