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martinac.JPG (33620 bytes) This is one of my Cajun Accordions,   hand-made by Clarence "Junior" Martin of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Just a few years ago, during the course of a family history research project, I developed an interest in the French music of North America.

Musical metaphors seemed to have evolved intact from seventeenth century France to eighteenth century Canada, and were essential to my appreciation of the cultures and lifestyles of my ancestors. Then I discovered that these same metaphors had also found their way into the music of southern Louisiana. When I discovered Cajun music, I felt that I had found a way to relive history.


Current Projects

Our "Band" at CAJUN/CREOLE WEEK - Augusta Heritage Center
Nine individuals become a cohesive musical unit in less than a week, thanks to Eddie LeJeune.
History of the Cajun Accordion
Only ten buttons...but, Oh What A Sound!
The Meloche Accordion
Lovingly crafted by Marc Savoy, it brings to life the Cajun spirit of his grandfather.
Accordion Builders I Would Recommend
There are quite a few builders in Cajun Country, but I have first-hand experience with only two of the best.
The Marc Savoy Page
Marc and his wife Ann Allen Savoy have teamed up to keep the tradition of authentic Cajun music alive.
The D.L. Menard Page
Based in tiny Erath, Louisiana, this "Cajun Hank Williams" has circled the globe bringing his distinctive brand of Cajun music to millions.
Clarence "Junior" Martin Page
Junior builds a fine accordion. I know...because I own one.
Floyd Sonnier Gallery Page
Next time you're in Louisiana, take the time to visit this gallery in the town of Scott, just west of Lafayette.
Looking For Others Who Share My Fascination With This Instrument
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   This is what a Sterling looks like. Beware of imitations.


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