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Welcome to MelocheNet. If you're interested in French-Canadian family history, Cajun accordion music, ancient French folk instruments, cross-country skiing, Detroit's three-hundredth anniversary,  or Winter Olympic events ... then this is the place for you.

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Meloche Family History
For almost twelve years, I have been conducting research on the Meloche Family and compiling data on all the descendants of an unnamed Meloche born circa 1575 in Western France. The result is "The Meloche Legacy", an 800-page book, available in a printed English version, and in French on CD-ROM. Both are available via an order form on this site.
Cajun Music & Culture
It's hard to believe that so much music comes from only twelve buttons on a Cajun accordion!
The Culture of the Detroit River French
For over 350 years, there has been a thriving French culture virtually within sight of the skyscrapers of Detroit. Until recently, the language of commerce and everyday communication was French. Here is the story of Petite Côte, known today as La Salle, Ontario.
The Bagpipes of Poitou
Possessing a rather small chanter and only one drone, Breton pipes produce a sound quite unlike their larger, more familiar counterparts from the Isles.
Nordic Ski Patrol
There is a National Ski Patrol for cross country skiers, too.
Winter Olympics-1988
Jim Meloche trained for the Olympic Ski Patrol and ultimately worked at a Press Centre. Read more at this link.
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jim.JPG (21089 bytes) WebMaster at MelocheNet is Jim Meloche (James Lawrence Joseph Meloche), President of L'Association des Familles Meloche Ltd., a family history organization based in Clarkston, Michigan USA. Here is a brief summary of his background:

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1988 Winter Olympics, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

National Ski Patrol

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